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House Tours and Grounds

House Tours and Grounds

Interior guided tours

Our guided tours illuminate the history of the place, the architecture and the family who live here.

Gosford’s architectural past is a story in itself. The original plans for the house drawn by Robert Adam were much altered following his premature death, only a year into the project. Completed in 1808, its original wings were taken down, only to be rebuilt years later, with a grand Marble Hall, arguably the most arresting of the house’s fine features. Completed in 1891 by William Young for the 10th Earl of Wemyss, it rises to a height of three storeys, with a magnificent double staircase leading to a surrounding picture gallery. Occupied by the army during WWII, the house suffered severe damage due to a fire and damage caused by its occupants. Most of the artefacts and artwork survived but conservation has since remained a priority.

House Tours and Grounds

Summer Open Days 2022 – August 4th to 11th

Two tour types are available:

  • a 45-minute experience (maximum duration): touring the ground floor of the South Wing only. This tour is suitable for visitors short on time or those who cannot manage standing up for longer periods of time and plenty of stairs. Tour times are 10.45am and 3.30pm.
  •  a 1.5 hours tour, covering the South wing (downstairs and upstairs in the Marble Hall and private family apartments) as well as the Central Block of the house. Tour times are 11.45am, 12.45pm, 1.30pm, and 3pm.

Booking system and payment

For tours on public open days, you may pay cash or with cheques at the door.

Adults                                        £10  for the full tour/ £8 for the shorter tour
Seniors and Students             £5
Under 16’s                                FOC

Annual grounds permit         £15


For small private tours outwith the open days please contact

Please note that there is a minimum charge of £225 for private tours of up to 15 guests.

Short Gosford Tour - 45 min max

Booking platform - 45 min tour

Full Gosford Tour - 1h30min

Booking platform full tour - 1h30 min

House Tours and Grounds

Access and Parking

On public open days or for private tours, you may access the house from the main gates on the coast road between Aberlady and Longniddry.  Outwith the open days, these remain accessible for residents only and grounds access is via the carpark near the Bothy shop.

Parking is available for visitors in the courtyard. In keeping with the natural surroundings, this is gravel-surfaced.

There is a bus stop at the gates of the House. East Coast buses 124 and X5 both service this stop.


Access to the house
Gosford House Policies 1


Access to walk within Gosford Policies requires a permit.

Permits can be obtained from the Wemyss and March estate office (01875 870201 | open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)


Gosford House, the policies, gardens and grounds are private so we appreciate your co-operation with adhering to the requests below.

Dogs must be kept on a lead or under close control at all times.

Bikes should not be ridden around the Gosford Policies or Grounds.

Gosford House, the stables and all the houses within the Gosford Policies are occupied. Please respect the privacy of those living and working on the estate by keeping a respectful distance away and not accessing the enclosed gardens or terraces.

If you should see anything untoward please report this to the estate office during the week or inform the staff in the Gosford Bothy Farm Shop at weekends.

Gosford House Policies 1
Gosford House Policies 2

For information on annual walking permits for the grounds, please e-mail .

Alternatively, call 01875 870201 during office hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm – debit cards accepted for permit purchases from the estate office.

For further information on public open days and private tours  please email .