Gosford Estate remains open

Gosford Estate remains open

Gosford Gardens and Pleasure Grounds are the gardens of Gosford House. Gosford House is listed as are many of the buildings within the grounds. The grounds themselves are a Designed Landscape of significant historical importance. We have operated an annual permit system for many years and this allows the holder access to walk in the grounds of Gosford. Permits cost £15 per year and can be purchased from the Estate Office.

Access to the Estate remains open to annual permit holders via the Bothy Shop entrance.

We have recently closed off a number of access points into the Estate in order to help manage access and to allow our Ranger to meet more visitors, to check permits and to monitor things more closely.

The level of access is significantly higher now than at any time in the past and we have witnessed a very large increase in visitors as a result of COVID restrictions. This increased foot fall has, however, resulted in a deterioration in some areas. Unfortunately, we have also experienced some low-level theft and vandalism as well as significant wildlife disturbance, especially from dogs out of control.

The recent wet weather has saturated the ground and with increased visitor numbers the amount of deterioration to path surfaces has increased.

There has been a significant increase in all forms of cycling and we would like to reiterate that it is not appropriate to cycle in the gardens. We would also remind all visitors to respect the privacy of those who live on the Estate and not to approach any properties or buildings.

We will continue to keep the grounds open and are monitoring the situation closely to ascertain if further action is required to allow the ground time to recover and repair or to safeguard the environs of Gosford House and Gardens.

We will endeavour to keep you informed with updates here.