UPDATE – Gosford Estate Woodlands

UPDATE – Gosford Estate Woodlands

UPDATE – The forwarders are expected on site from 17th February to lift branch wood prior to chipping. This is the first step in clearing the Strip.

Craigielaw Strip – Felling

The Estate are in the process of restructuring the woodland strip at Craigielaw. This involves the felling and removal of a number of mature conifers, together with diseased and damaged broadleaves. The felling work has been completed, although much of the timber is still to be uplifted from the Green Craig entrance loading area.

The next phase of the operation will be the removal of brash and branch wood which will be collected by a forwarder and chipped.

After that has been completed, the Estate will begin to restore the site by reprofiling the forwarder tracks before replanting the area with a mix of conifer and hardwood trees. Any damage to pathways will be restored. It is expected that planting will be carried out this Spring if possible, but by Autumn at the latest.

There is no further felling in the Harestanes Wood planned, although any trees that blow down or are deemed unsafe will be removed from time to time.